Opening Night!

Last night (Friday 17th June) was the opening night of the University of Wales, Newport’s Art and Film School degree shows, amongst which was animation. The night was aimed at the family and friends of the students as well as the public. It was a chance for the students to give their friends and families a glimpse at the work that went into their films, and to celebrate their successful completion. Throughout the night there were screenings of all the films, which was also a fantastic opportunity for the students to see their work on the big screen for the first time in front of a fresh audience.

The intermission gave students, parents and friends a chance to mingle and chat about the films shown. It also provided the opportunity for the students to meet the parents of their friends and classmates and chat about the time they have spent away in Newport and how much they have developed as artists and as people. It was also a chance to get some free drinks. After the screening, people moved on to the studios upstairs to see the exhibition space and see all the concept work, production photos, puppets and sets on display.

The evening was a great success, the films were very well received and the exhibition space got a lot of attention. The animation students are now excitedly anticipating June 23rd when they will once again step into the spotlight, but this time the guests won’t be their families and friends. This time the guests will be industry professionals.

The exhibition is also open to the public everyday until July 1st, all are welcome.

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1 Response to Opening Night!

  1. It was a great night! I hope everyone enjoyed themselves.

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