David Adams – The Cave


About the Film – A man scrambles desperately through a series of dark and complex caves and tunnels. Throughout the duration of the film we learn of the events leading up to the present as the man faces his darkest fears.
2mins 26seconds

About David – David Adams is a filmmaker and illustrator who is fascinated with the language of film and the constructed image. His work often features a range of media from hand drawn to stop motion, one such animation has recently been used by the BBC on a nationally screened documentary. He has a passion for sequential art and storytelling and hopes to continue developing himself as an artist after graduation.



Kate Broadhurst – Growing Space


About the Film – An animated documentary about a small charity with a huge impact. Using real-life interviews combined with metaphorical imagery to explore mental illness and the transformational healing process that comes through gardening and a community spirit.
Mixed-media (paint on glass and 2D drawn). 3mins30

About Kate – So far I have been lucky enough to have the freedom and opportunity to experiment and find my own path within the creative industries, developing a passion for animation and filmmaking. My work focuses on the hand-made, tactile qualities that an individual artist brings to their work. The work I produce also tends to have a firm grounding in reality, focussing upon real people and their stories but applying my own personal creativity to what I see around me. I have recently become interested by the form of animated documentary and intrigued by the relationship between artistic interpretation and the depiction of reality.



Rachel Clement – Mandy and the Whale

About the film – Mandy is stuck inside a whale, so finding love is her last concern at the moment. But when the opportunity presents itself, she might as well take it!

About Rachel– Rachel looks for instances of normality in absurdity and extreme situations, and vice-versa, a method which tends to yield the stories she is most interested in telling. She likes it best when things start to get a bit silly.

She’s always on the lookout for textures and patterns, natural and synthetic, to inspire her and incorporate in her work, and likes to experiment with different drawing materials and collage techniques to find the one (or more) most suitable for the project.


Helen Dallat – Bare


About the Film – A bear moves to the woods but finds out that he doesn’t like the mess.

About Helen – I am an animator and illustrator and I like to work in lots of different media, preferring to choose the media based on what would best suit each particular project. I enjoy working in all stages of production and would be happy as a storyboard artist, concept artist, background artist or animator.



Denzel De Meerleer- Longing


About the Film – In Longing you follow a man overcoming a great loss.
2D. 1min40

About Denzel – I am an illustrator, storyboard artist and a 2D animator. I have a background education in fine arts and have chosen to study animation out of my love of visual storytelling. I love to see stories come to live on the screen and find new and fascinating ways of telling these stories. During the second half of my final year as a BA student I went on an exchange programme to the University of Wales, Newport.



Daisy Gould – Jackie and Kevin 1977


About the Film – An exploration of memory, shared experiences and imagination, triggered by a piece of graffiti found in a drawer.

About Daisy – I am a 2D animator and illustrator who likes to work in an experimental way, using stories inspired by real life and exploring the normal, simple things that we might ordinarily overlook. I love creating films that wouldn’t be possible in any other media, with expressive drawings, morphing and making impossible things occur. I also like eating cake.



Lea Hynes – Kelpie


About the film – A curious girl encounters a beautiful horse in the forest. But this is no ordinary horse and he brings her on the journey of a lifetime through the lands of the Sidhe (Faery). But be warned, not all is as it seems. (inspired by Celtic Mythology)

About Lea – Born in Germany and raised in Ireland, surrounded by myths and folklore from a young age, I developed an interest in stories and a passion for art and drawing. I did a foundation course in Arts, Crafts and Design, and found myself drawn to animation. I am fascinated by VFX in films, FMVs in games and Concept Art and Illustration.


Katrina Jones – A Wish


About the Film – A short animated film, going into the adventures and imagination of a little girls life, as she writes a letter to her Dad, telling him of her stories. Unfortunately, she can only hope and wish that her Father is near, and can hear her.

About Katrina -Katrina specialises in 2d mixed media animation and editing. I have always loved the creative process, and have always enjoyed drawing, painting, (making models out of sellotape) for as long as I can remember and from which my love for animation has grown. My work is inspired through poetic short films and from the sights and sounds of the world around us. Looking at real life situations and then adding my own creativity to the film. Through animation and film making I feel that I am offered the opportunity to create new worlds and to explore imaginary concepts, which I find extremely exciting.



Oisin Mansell & Andre Stringer – ‘What’s In This Washing Machine?’


About the Film – Two socks find themselves on a desert island in the middle of the ocean, strange occurrences befall them and their new found bond of friendship is tested in a never ending cycle of challenging circumstances.

About André – Did a two year national diploma in film and became interested in visual effects and digital animation, after choosing to join a course in Animation he started wishing to be involved in entrepreneurial routes of animation. He has always had a preference to apply technical qualities to a team or project. He has skills in After Effects, Premier, Maya, Photoshop and Final Cut Pro.

About Oisín – A 2D animator and writer, became interested in internet based animation and also wishes to exploit the rising interest in this field following the popularity of series such as ‘Homestar Runner’. Has skills in Photoshop and Premiere.


Megan Marquardt – Puddles


About the Film – A small girl discovers a portal to other worlds through a puddle, after the rain. 2mins30

About Megan – Megan is an illustrator, writer and 2D animator, specialising in concept art and storyboarding. With a background in fine art and graphic design, she was drawn to animation for the experience of breathing life into stories and still images. She loves working in mixed media, with Indian ink and water being one of her favourite mediums and her work is heavily based on her memories and childhood experiences.


Claire Mason – Last Journey


About the film – A story about a little girl who is taken on an important last journey by a strange dog.

About Claire – Claire is a 2D animator and illustrator, specializing in character animation and production design. Animation has always been important to her and she spends a lot of her time creating new characters and the worlds that they might inhabit, with character design and development being one of her favourite parts of animation. Claire is happiest with a pencil in hand, and she enjoys improving herself as both an artist and an animator.



Craig McKenzie – Life


About the Film – The story is about life and how it flashes before our very eyes. Told through a firework as an analogy for how quick life can be. A man reminisces about his childhood and the time he had with his Grandmother which he now shares with his son. 3min 6 sec.

About Craig – I am a third year student at the university of Wales Newport. I am currently studying a BA (Hons) degree in animation. I hope to one day work for Pixar as a script writer and storyboard artist. I also enjoy designing characters and would love to be given the opportunity to be a voice actor. I was born in Johannesburg South Africa and lived there for 19 years where I moved over to the UK. I feel that my background and the places I have been to have shaped my outlook on life. I am a motivated individual and enjoy meeting new people. I have a good sense of humor and can see the funny  side in almost everything.



Niina Mielonen – Who Is It That Is Coming?

About the Film – Who is it that is coming? is a film about facing your inner demons. It’s a symbolic story told trough color, sound and form.

About Niina – I chose to study animation because it combines two of my great loves: film and fine art. The possibility to work with such large variety of mediums is what makes animation a perfect art form for me. My own film making heroes are in the more experimental side of cinema, and that has heavily influenced my own work.


Matthew Richings – Easy-Save

About the Film – A new employee starts working part time at ‘Easy-Save’ supermarket where he encounters some odd people and tries to find a better job, which doesn’t go as well as he hoped.

About Matthew – Matthew is an animator, character designer and illustrator who enjoys watching his drawings come to life through animation. He has a passion for storytelling and specialises in 2D animation and digital compositing. Animation has always fascinated him, so the opportunity to create animated shorts in his own style has been a big highlight of his animation degree. Matthew has worked on a variety of projects working with different mediums and also creates canvas art of his illustrations as a hobby.



Eva Wagner – Sun & Moon


About the Film – A Mythical story of sun and moon, in which the sun upsets the moon in play and goes through several adventures to bring the moon elements to cheer it up.
Hand Drawn. 3mins

About Eva – During my schooling in Germany I developed a passion for drawing and art. Taking extra classes in drawing, pottery and watercolours in the HvK Schule Eschborn (1999–2006). After I moved to England I did my A-levels in Abingdon (2006-2008), during my art A-level course I attended voluntary lifedrawing classes and spent a lot of my spare time drawing and painting. I was accepted to join the animation BA (hons) course at the University of Wales, Newport (2008-2011). During which I specialised in traditional 2D animation.



Stephanie Walker – Surfing

About the Film – An personal and emotional journey of colour shape, describing the feeling of catching her first wave as a beginner surfer.

About Stephanie – Steph is a 2D Animator and Filmmaker who has recently specialised in digital painting, and also has a passion for editing and compositing. She enjoys playing with one’s perception of an image, and finding new ways of creating a piece which appears to be made out of other materials. With this film, she wants to share her experiences of being a surfer, and what it is trully like staring into the eye of the ocean.


Huw Whiddon – Synaesthetic


About the Film – A painter hears music through colour, conducting himself into some complications.
Mixed-media (paint on glass and 2D drawn). 2mins57

About Huw – Huw is an Animator/ Illustrator, specialising in digital compositing and creation. Animation originally started out as a hobby, initially just as an extension of his illustration work. The moving image excites and powers him into exploring new ways of creating an image. It is a playground in which he is having the most fun out of art in his life so far.



MA Films


Morgane Roglianti – Button Fate


About the Film – Lisa is a young button girl who does not feel good about herself. Blinded by her determination to seek for some fleeting love, she does not see Roger, her secret admirer who is longing for her.

About Morgane – I spent three years in Lyon, France for my BA Animation, the course was focused on CG and at the end of the BA I wanted to experiment more with 2D and stop-motion. During my MA I worked on a stop-motion project and I directed my graduation film. I focused my research on the graphic arts and the mix of illustration and animation. I think I would be really happy to work either as an illustrator, concept artist, character and background designer, painter or animator

Film Website – www.wix.com/buttonfate/buttonfate
Personal Website – cargocollective.com/MorganeRoglianti


Colin Eade – The Bigger the Better?


About the Film – An inventor is bored, and decides to get his house perfectly clean he’ll build his own robot which will be perfect. But what he thinks is perfect just might no be it.

About Colin – From a very early age, I have always been intrigued with tricking the eye and creating the illusion that things are real. I have been inspired from films such as Tron, Toy Story and Star Wars. I hope to one day work in the film industry working as a compositor. My interests are finding out how shots are put together and how to mix the plates within seamlessly. The thing that I enjoy the most is when you see people reactions, when they see these imaginary worlds brought to life on screen and have them look so real that you could touch them.